file permissions and client buffer overflow fix
[fwknop.git] / server / replay_cache.c
2012-08-30 Michael Rashfile permissions and client buffer overflow fix
2012-07-08 Michael RashOnly cache replay digests for SPA packets that decrypt
2012-07-08 Michael RashBug fix for multi-stanza key use and replay attack...
2011-11-11 Michael RashThis commit fixes two memory leaks and adds a common...
2011-10-25 Michael Rashcompiler warning fix for sscanf() on freebsd
2011-09-10 Michael RashReplaced all strcpy() calls with strlcpy()
2011-08-21 Michael RashBug fix to create the digest.cache file at init
2011-08-18 Michael RashUpdated replay warnings to include proto/port info optional_dbm_support
2011-08-14 Michael RashImplemented memory clean up for digest cache list
2011-08-14 Michael RashConsolidated replay warnings in a single function
2011-08-14 Michael RashAdded digest file import code
2011-08-14 Michael RashAdded source port and protocol to digest tracking
2011-08-13 Michael RashAdded dst IP to tracked SPA data
2011-08-13 Michael RashStarted on code to parse the digest cache file
2011-08-13 Michael RashImplemented linked list cache of SPA digests
2011-08-11 Michael RashUpdated digest file path for gdbm/ndbm support
2011-08-11 Michael RashAdded autoconf support for non-dbm file cache.
2011-08-09 Michael RashMinor rename in support of non-dbm file cache