bump version to 2.0.3
[fwknop.git] / todo.org
2012-09-04 Michael Rashbump version to 2.0.3
2012-08-29 Michael RashAdded Ctrl-C and --disable-gpg notes
2012-08-28 Michael Rashmigrated TODO tasks to the todo.org file
2012-08-18 Michael Rashfwknop-2.0.2 release
2012-08-17 Michael Rash[server] ipfw active/expire sets cannot be the same
2012-08-17 Michael Rashtodo.org notes update
2012-08-15 Michael Rashtodo.org notes update
2012-08-14 Michael Rash[server] Preserve any existing config files in /etc...
2012-08-12 Michael Rash[server] 'make install' permissions fix
2012-08-12 Michael Rash[server] iptables 'comment' match check
2012-08-12 Michael Rashtodo update
2012-08-12 Michael RashAdded todo.org org mode file