2011-10-22 Michael Rashminor whitespace removal
2011-10-22 Michael Rashadded test to validate digest.cache structure
2011-10-22 Michael Rashadded -P bpf test for complete SPA cycle over non stand...
2011-10-22 Michael Rashadded -P bpf filter test
2011-10-22 Michael Rashadded Rijndael SPA validity tests
2011-10-22 Michael Rashadded rule timeout detection
2011-10-22 Michael Rashadded replay attack detection test
2011-10-22 Michael Rashminor removal of whitespace
2011-10-21 Michael Rashadded first complete SPA cycle test
2011-10-21 Michael RashAdded --digest-file and --pid-file args
2011-10-20 Michael Rashadded client/server interaction test capability
2011-10-19 Michael RashMinor PID string length fix
2011-10-18 Michael RashAdded --fw-list-all and --fw-flush
2011-10-18 Michael RashAdded usage of sudo for recompilation test
2011-10-14 Michael Rashminor update to allow fw rules to be dumped before...
2011-10-14 Michael Rashminor whitespace fixes
2011-10-14 Michael Rashminor wording update netfilter -> iptables
2011-10-14 Michael Rashminor bugfix to ensure that the proper firewall is...
2011-10-14 Michael Rashadded the test/conf/ directory for config files use...
2011-10-14 Michael Rashminor typo fix
2011-10-14 Michael Rashstarted on basic SPA generation, updated to use LD_LIBR...
2011-10-13 Michael Rashinterim commit to add major functionality to the fwknop...
2011-10-13 Michael Rashremoved
2011-10-13 Michael Rashminor update to switch to stdout when exiting with...
2011-10-07 Michael Rashswitched --help output to stdout from stderr
2011-10-07 Michael Rashminor update to account for hardening-check return...
2011-10-05 Michael RashInitial start on a test suite
2011-09-26 Michael RashAdded --help usage information fwknop-2.0.0 fwknop-launcher
2011-09-26 Michael RashMerge branch 'master' into fwknop-launcher
2011-09-25 Michael RashAdded the fwknop lsof launcher under the extras/ directory
2011-09-22 Michael RashMerge pull request #5 from maxkas/master
2011-09-17 Max KastanasCodebase of Fwknop client for iOS (iPhone) devices
2011-09-13 Michael Rashminor typo fix: fwkop -> fwknop
2011-09-10 Damien StuartMerge branch 'master' of https://github.com/mrash/fwknop
2011-09-10 Damien StuartAdded the cmd_opts.h file to server and client's Makef...
2011-09-10 Michael RashReplaced all strcpy() calls with strlcpy()
2011-09-09 Michael RashAdded read-only relocations and immediate bindings
2011-09-09 Michael RashCheck for active_rules > 0 before decrementing
2011-09-08 Michael RashUpdate to make _exp_ string a #define openbsd_pf_support
2011-09-08 Michael RashAdded the ability to delete PF rules
2011-09-04 Michael Rashminor comment typo fixes
2011-09-03 Michael RashPF rules are now added to the fwknop anchor
2011-08-28 Michael RashMinor copyright holder update
2011-08-28 Michael RashFor PF firewalls implemented a check for an active...
2011-08-27 Michael RashAdded --fw-list info to --help
2011-08-27 Michael RashPF support on OpenBSD in progress, fwknop --fw-list...
2011-08-25 Michael RashAdded autoconf check for pf firewalls
2011-08-25 Michael RashDisabled read-only relocations and immediate binding...
2011-08-23 Michael Rashremoved 2.0.0 branch specific ChangeLog, ShortLog and...
2011-08-21 Michael Rashbumped version to 2.0.0rc4 fwknop-2.0.0rc4
2011-08-21 Michael RashAdded version specific ChangeLog, ShortLog, and diffsta...
2011-08-21 Michael RashUpdated ChangeLog with all changes from 2.0.0-rc3
2011-08-21 Michael RashBug fix for ipfw firewalls to not always require seeing...
2011-08-21 Michael RashBug fix for missing set existence check on ipfw firewalls
2011-08-21 Michael RashBug fix to create the digest.cache file at init
2011-08-21 Michael RashOn FreeBSD, made gpgme header path inclusion optional
2011-08-20 Michael RashFixed a few minor compiler warnings on FreeBSD
2011-08-20 Michael RashOn FreeBSD disable read-only relocations and immediate...
2011-08-20 Michael RashUpdate to suppress additional compiler warning
2011-08-20 Michael RashMinor restructuring to suppress compiler "defined but...
2011-08-20 Michael Rashminor commit to fix minor compilations warnings
2011-08-20 Michael RashAdded -Wall for all gcc warnings during compile
2011-08-20 Michael RashBug fix for ./configure args to disable compile time...
2011-08-19 Michael Rashadded the VERSION file fwknop-2.0.0-rc3
2011-08-19 Michael RashBumped version to fwknop-2.0.0-rc3
2011-08-19 Michael RashAdded ChangeLog derived from git commit messages.
2011-08-19 Michael RashRenamed ChangeLog -> ChangeLog.old for new ChangeLog...
2011-08-19 Michael RashUpdate to add any missing iptables jump rules
2011-08-18 Michael RashUpdate to force base64 check for all SPA data
2011-08-18 Michael RashUpdated replay warnings to include proto/port info optional_dbm_support
2011-08-18 Michael RashAdded stack protection, PIE, fortify source, etc.
2011-08-15 Michael RashMinor variable cleanup to fix compiler warnings
2011-08-15 Michael RashAdded fwknop-2.0.0rc2 openwrt support from Jonathan...
2011-08-14 Michael RashImplemented memory clean up for digest cache list
2011-08-14 Michael RashConsolidated replay warnings in a single function
2011-08-14 Michael RashAdded digest file import code
2011-08-14 Michael RashAdded source port and protocol to digest tracking
2011-08-13 Michael RashAdded dst IP to tracked SPA data
2011-08-13 Michael RashStarted on code to parse the digest cache file
2011-08-13 Michael RashImplemented linked list cache of SPA digests
2011-08-11 Michael RashMerge branch 'master' into optional_dbm_support
2011-08-11 Michael RashAdded --pcap-filter to the fwknopd command line
2011-08-11 Michael RashUpdated digest file path for gdbm/ndbm support
2011-08-11 Michael RashAdded autoconf support for non-dbm file cache.
2011-08-09 Michael RashMinor rename in support of non-dbm file cache
2011-08-09 Michael RashBug fix for uninitialized variable found with splint...
2011-07-07 Damien StuartSet FD_CLOEXEC on pid file descriptor.
2011-06-19 Michael RashRemoved legacy $Id$ tags from svn
2011-03-27 Damien StuartAdded a no-digest-cache configure option and capability...
2011-03-26 Damien StuartFix check and handling of ndbm as an option for the...
2011-02-12 Damien StuartAdded python/fko.py to Makefile.am so it is also includ...
2011-01-02 Damien StuartMinor update to the android README
2011-01-02 Damien StuartAdding Max Kastanas's fwknop client app code for Android
2011-01-01 Damien StuartRemoved unnecessary include.
2010-12-05 Damien StuartAdditional docs and classes added to the fko python...
2010-12-05 Damien StuartFixed bug where libfko would segfault if fko_get_spa_da...
2010-12-04 Damien StuartDo not need parens around expression in if statements...
2010-12-04 Damien StuartAdded pydoc text to the fko python module. Minot tweak...
2010-11-27 Damien StuartAdded the Fko class code to wrap the _fko wrapper aroun...
2010-11-26 Damien StuartMinor comment and documentation tweaks. Add the python...