descriptionfwknop: Single Packet Authorization and Port Knocking
last changeTue, 29 Jul 2014 14:00:54 +0000
2 days ago Michael Rashappend gdbm change to all changes since 2.6.2 master 2.6.3
2 days ago Michael Rashremoved gdbm/gdbm-devel dependencies for the RPM, bumpe...
2 days ago Michael Rashextended ChangeLog.git to include libfko version bump
2 days ago Michael Rashbumped libfko version to 2.0.3
3 days ago Michael Rashchanges since 2.6.2 to ChangeLog.git
3 days ago Michael Rashbumped version to 2.6.3 in preparation for release
3 days ago Michael Rash[test suite] added FreeBSD-10.0 and OpenBSD-5.5 compati...
3 days ago Michael Rashadded helper script
3 days ago Michael Rash[test suite] WGET_CMD and RESOLVE_HTTP_ONLY fwknoprc...
3 days ago Michael Rashrevert gpg trustdb.gpg update from test suite
3 days ago Michael Rash[client] have autoconf resolve the absolute path to...
4 days ago Michael Rash[server] fix shift operation bug in SOURCE subnet proce...
6 days ago Michael RashMerge branch 'libfiu_fault_injection'
6 days ago Michael Rash[client] Updated IP resolution mode -R to use SSL libfiu_fault_injection
8 days ago Michael Rash[client] call freeaddrinfo() early after iterating...
8 days ago Michael Rashadded extras/coverity/ directory for Coverity script
2 days ago 2.6.3 tagged fwknop-2.6.3
3 months ago 2.6.2 tagged fwknop-2.6.2 release
3 months ago 2.6.1 tagged fwknop-2.6.1 release
6 months ago 2.6.0 tagged fwknop-2.6.0 release
6 months ago 2.6.0-pre1 tagged fwknop-2.6.0-pre1
8 months ago tagged
8 months ago 2.5.1-1 tagged fwknop-2.5.1-1
12 months ago fwknop-2.5.1 tagged fwknop-2.5.1 release
12 months ago fwknop-2.5.1-pre1 tagged fwknop-2.5.1-pre1
12 months ago fwknop-2.5 tagged fwknop-2.5 release
13 months ago fwknop-2.5-pre3 tagged fwknop-2.5-pre3
13 months ago fwknop-2.5-pre2 tagged fwknop-2.5-pre2
14 months ago fwknop-2.5-pre1 tagged fwknop-2.5-pre1
19 months ago fwknop-2.0.4 tagged fwknop-2.0.4 release
22 months ago fwknop-2.0.3 tagged fwknop-2.0.3 release
23 months ago fwknop-2.0.2 Tagged the fwknop-2.0.2 release
2 days ago master
6 days ago libfiu_fault_injection
5 months ago rand_to_16bytes
7 months ago android4.4_support
8 months ago
8 months ago 2.5.1-1
8 months ago mac_os_x_mavericks_build
13 months ago hmac_timing_bug_fix
14 months ago gpgme_autoconf_macro
15 months ago hmac_support
16 months ago hmac_header_fixes
19 months ago shared_lib_testing
20 months ago windows_build_testing
2 years ago crypto_update
2 years ago fwknop-2.0
2 years ago fwknop-2.0rc5