descriptionfwknop: Single Packet Authorization and Port Knocking
last changeMon, 14 Apr 2014 01:39:50 +0000
10 days ago Michael Rashcredit Blair and Tim with MacPorts and Homebrew maintai... master
11 days ago Michael Rashchanges since 2.6.0 2.6.1
11 days ago Michael Rash[server] bug fix to allow IP-formatted masks for SOURCE...
11 days ago Michael Rashminor typo fix
12 days ago Michael Rash[client] fix minor memory leak before exit() in parsing...
12 days ago Michael Rashbump version to 2.6.1
13 days ago Michael Rash[client] fix memory leak introduced in 0ff210099
13 days ago Michael Rash[test suite] implement new fwknopd access/fwknopd.conf...
13 days ago Michael Rash[test suite] add compounded tests for fko-wrapper
13 days ago Michael Rash[server] make parse_access_file() exit if there is...
13 days ago Michael Rash[client] ensure to call fko_destroy() on the correct...
13 days ago Michael Rash[client] make is_rc_param() error condition fatal
2014-04-10 Michael Rash[test suite] --key-* arg validation with --fd 0
2014-04-10 Michael Rash[server] Validate GPG sigs with libfko fko_gpg_signatur...
2014-04-09 Michael Rash[test suite/client] memory leak bug fix and test coverage
2014-04-09 Michael Rash[libfko] minor formating update for strtol_wrapper...
11 days ago 2.6.1 tagged fwknop-2.6.1 release
3 months ago 2.6.0 tagged fwknop-2.6.0 release
3 months ago 2.6.0-pre1 tagged fwknop-2.6.0-pre1
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5 months ago 2.5.1-1 tagged fwknop-2.5.1-1
8 months ago fwknop-2.5.1 tagged fwknop-2.5.1 release
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9 months ago fwknop-2.5-pre3 tagged fwknop-2.5-pre3
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