mentioned Guillermo Gomez as the fwsnort maintainer
[fwsnort.git] / CREDITS
2012-05-27 Michael Rashmentioned Guillermo Gomez as the fwsnort maintainer
2012-02-17 Michael RashSwitched --no-ipt-sync to default to not syncing with...
2011-09-02 Michael Rash(Kim Hagen) Bug fix for 'Couldn't load target' error
2011-06-19 Michael RashBugfix for --log-prefix maximum lengths
2010-12-23 Michael Rash- Added the --rules-url argument so that the URL for...
2010-01-05 Michael Rashadded Guillermo Gomez
2009-12-22 Michael Rash- Added the ability to build an fwsnort policy that...
2009-04-22 Michael Rash- (Franck Joncourt) Updated fwsnort to use the "! ...
2009-01-31 Michael RashFrom: Franck Joncourt <>
2008-10-26 Michael Rashwording updates for the fwsnort(8) man page from Justin...
2008-08-13 Michael Rashmoved snort_rules directory into deps/, switched to...
2008-08-09 Michael Rashupdate for Franck
2008-06-20 Michael RashFranck Joncourt
2008-01-20 Michael Rashupdated with Grant's last name
2008-01-18 Michael Rash(Grant) Suggested bugfix to allow negated networks...
2008-01-18 Michael RashAdded Grant
2007-04-20 Michael Rashadded Hank L.
2006-09-10 Michael Rashupdated to same format as the psad CREDITS file
2005-07-06 Michael Rash--snort-sids list support
2004-03-19 Michael Rashadded Ahmad Almulhem
2004-01-04 Michael Rashadded Paul O., more stuff for Thomas B.
2003-12-20 Michael Rashmore stuff for Thomas Bullinger
2003-10-19 Michael Rashadded the CREDITS file