GPL license address update (mentioned by Guillermo Gomez)
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2012-05-27 Michael RashGPL license address update (mentioned by Guillermo... fwsnort-1.6.2
2011-06-19 Michael RashRemoved legacy $Id$ tags (for old svn repos)
2011-01-03 Michael Rashadded UPGRADE section
2010-02-06 Michael Rashminor version fix (1.1)
2009-12-21 Michael Rash- Added the --include-perl-triggers command line argume...
2004-12-19 Michael Rashupdated docs
2004-03-19 Michael Rashversion 0.6.2
2004-02-01 Michael Rashupdated to version 0.6.1
2004-01-04 Michael Rashincremented version to 0.6
2003-12-20 Michael Rashincremented to version 0.5
2003-12-20 Michael Rashadded text on hex string patch being accepted by iptabl...
2003-12-18 Michael Rashadded in psad in SEE ALSO section psad.8
2003-07-26 Michael Rashupdated to, removed version numbers...
2003-04-17 Michael Rashmore docs updates
2003-04-17 Michael Rashadded DESCRIPTION section
2003-04-16 Michael Rashadded preliminary README