GPL license address update (mentioned by Guillermo Gomez)
[fwsnort.git] /
2012-05-27 Michael RashGPL license address update (mentioned by Guillermo... fwsnort-1.6.2
2012-02-18 Michael Rashconverted from Net::AddrIPv4 to the excellent NetAddr...
2012-02-17 Michael RashSwitched --no-ipt-sync to default to not syncing with...
2011-06-19 Michael RashRemoved legacy $Id$ tags (for old svn repos)
2011-01-03 Michael Rashcopyright date update
2010-12-24 Michael Rashupdated to point to the correct Emerging Threats rule...
2010-01-05 Michael Rash- Updated fwsnort to create logs in the /var/log/fwsnor...
2008-08-15 Michael Rashminor update to make sure to always return to the sourc...
2008-08-13 Michael Rashmoved snort_rules directory into deps/, switched to...
2008-08-09 Michael Rashchdir path bugfix
2008-08-09 Michael Rashminor bugfix to include missed skip_module_install var
2008-08-06 Michael Rashadded code to handle new deps/ directory
2008-01-15 Michael Rashadded LC_ALL='C' locale setting, added --Exclude-mod...
2007-03-27 Michael Rashadded copyright line
2007-03-03 Michael Rashupdated to force install of IPTables::Parse
2007-02-15 Michael Rashminor opendir shift fix
2006-09-04 Michael Rash-Updated to use perl module installation strategy from...
2005-07-09 Michael Rashupdated --ipt-apply argument to just execute
2005-06-30 Michael Rashupdated preservation code to remove interfaces from...
2005-06-25 Michael Rashminor path update
2005-03-20 Michael Rash- Updated to not attempt to download Snort rules from...
2004-12-19 Michael Rashupdated to standard logging prefixes [+], [-], and [*]
2004-01-04 Michael Rashbugfix for existing downloaded_snort_rule directory
2003-12-31 Michael Rashadded tar command path
2003-12-20 Michael Rashadded preserve_config() from psad
2003-12-19 Michael Rash-Added installation prefix of /usr/lib/fwsnort for...
2003-12-18 Michael Rashadded in psad in SEE ALSO section psad.8
2003-07-26 Michael Rashminor install text change
2003-07-26 Michael Rashupdated to, removed version numbers...
2003-04-25 Michael Rashupdated to snort 2.0 rules
2003-04-20 Michael Rashupdated to /etc/fwsnort/snort_rules
2003-04-16 Michael Rashadded hex-string patch file
2003-04-16 Michael Rashbetter Copying statement for snort rules files
2003-04-16 Michael Rashadded install_manpage()
2003-04-15 Michael Rashadded usage() text, added license
2003-04-14 Michael Rashadded install routine for IPTables::Parse
2003-04-14 Michael Rashinterim commit that adds ipt_allow_traffic()
2003-03-31 Michael Rashupdated to include version in snort rules directory
2003-03-30 Michael Rashremoved Tie::IxHash
2003-03-29 Michael Rashadded install routine for Tie::IxHash
2003-03-16 Michael Rashadded install for Net::IPv4Addr
2003-03-01 Michael Rashadded the installer