2012-05-27 Michael Rashminor version update (mentioned by Guillermo Gomez)
2012-05-27 Michael RashMerge branch 'refs/heads/fwsnort-1.6.2'
2012-05-27 Michael Rashmerged fwsnort-1.6.2
2012-05-27 Michael RashGPL license address update (mentioned by Guillermo... fwsnort-1.6.2
2012-05-27 Michael Rashmentioned Guillermo Gomez as the fwsnort maintainer
2012-04-29 Michael Rashadded ChangeLog.git file fwsnort-1.6.2
2012-04-29 Michael Rashbumped version to 1.6.2
2012-04-28 Michael Rashremoved ShortLog in favor of ChangeLog + ChangeLog.git
2012-04-28 Michael RashAdded --icmp-type 'any' (with capabilities test)
2012-04-28 Michael Rashbug fix psadlibdir -> fwsnortlibdir
2012-04-28 Michael Rashbug fix for 'qw() used as parenthesis' warnings under...
2012-04-28 Michael Rashadded ChangeLog info for the 1.6.1 and 1.6.2 releases
2012-04-28 Michael Rashupdated RPM spec file version to 1.6.2
2012-04-28 Michael Rashupdated to the latest Snort rules from Emerging Threats
2012-04-20 Michael Rashmoved ChangeLog.old -> ChangeLog (the old style is...
2012-04-20 Michael Rashminor documentation fixes
2012-04-20 Michael Rashadded 1.6.2 release
2012-04-20 Michael RashRemoved the ExtUtils::MakeMaker build requirement
2012-03-03 Michael Rashupdated IPTables::Parse to 1.1
2012-02-21 Michael Rashupdated to IPTables::Parse 0.8
2012-02-19 Michael Rashbumped version to 1.6.2-pre1
2012-02-18 Michael Rashconverted from Net::AddrIPv4 to the excellent NetAddr...
2012-02-18 Michael Rashconverted from Net::AddrIPv4 to the excellent NetAddr...
2012-02-17 Michael Rashadded the proper ChangeLog back in fwsnort-1.6.2-pre1
2012-02-17 Michael Rashbumped version to 1.6.2-pre1
2012-02-17 Michael RashSwitched --no-ipt-sync to default to not syncing with...
2012-02-17 Michael Rashupdated to the latest emerging threats Snort rules
2011-09-02 Michael Rashbumped version to 1.6.1
2011-09-02 Michael Rash(Kim Hagen) Bug fix for 'Couldn't load target' error
2011-09-02 Michael RashBug fix for fast_pattern interpretation for relative...
2011-09-02 Michael RashUpdated to the latest Emerging Threats rule set
2011-07-29 Michael RashUpdated ChangeLog and added the ShortLog file
2011-07-29 Michael RashAdded iptables capabilities test for COMMENT len
2011-07-27 Michael RashAdded the ChangeLog file for 'git log' output.
2011-07-27 Michael RashBumped version from 1.5 to 1.6
2011-07-27 Michael RashRenamed ChangeLog -> ChangeLog.old
2011-07-22 Michael RashAdded support for rules updates from several URL's
2011-07-21 Michael RashAdded --queue-pre-match-max <num> argument
2011-07-17 Michael RashMinor man page wording update for NFQUEUE mode
2011-07-17 Michael RashAdded iptables capabilities test for NFQUEUE modes
2011-07-17 Michael RashBugfix to support --NFQUEUE mode
2011-07-17 Michael RashIgnore http_uri, http_method, and urilen
2011-07-17 Michael RashUpdated to allow non-root users to execute fwsnort.
2011-07-15 Michael RashMinor change to not write args in --help mode.
2011-07-10 Michael RashAdded support for the Snort 'nocase' keyword
2011-07-10 Michael RashUpdated to the latest Emerging Threats Snort rules
2011-07-10 Michael RashAdded iptables 'multiport' match support
2011-07-09 Michael RashAdded --no-fast-pattern-order to --help output
2011-07-09 Michael RashImplemented tighter 'within' criteria
2011-07-09 Michael RashAdded the --no-fast-pattern-ordering argument
2011-07-09 Michael RashMoved GetOpt() call to handle_cmd_line()
2011-07-09 Michael Rashminor man page wording update
2011-07-09 Michael RashFixed fast_pattern support for relative matches
2011-07-06 Michael RashAdded 'detection_filter' to not supported list
2011-07-06 Michael Rashminor comment wording update for TCP options
2011-07-06 Michael RashAdded content match ordering based on length
2011-07-05 Michael RashMerge branch 'master' of github.com:mrash/fwsnort
2011-07-05 Michael RashAdded 'fast_pattern' support + no patterns bug fix
2011-07-05 Michael RashAdded support for Snort keyword 'fast_pattern'
2011-07-01 Michael Rashminor man page wording update
2011-07-01 Michael RashAdded three Snort signature keywords
2011-06-30 Michael RashAdded newer Snort keywords to snort_opts.pl
2011-06-28 Michael Rashminor ChangeLog update
2011-06-28 Michael RashBugfix for --ipt-apply to exec fwsnort.sh
2011-06-23 Michael RashAdded the --Conntrack-state argument
2011-06-21 Michael RashAdded test for conntrack --ctstate
2011-06-19 Michael RashBugfix for --ipt-list and --ipt-flush
2011-06-19 Michael RashBugfix for --log-prefix maximum lengths
2011-06-19 Michael RashRemoved old reference to $rev_num
2011-06-19 Michael RashRemoved legacy $Id$ tags (for old svn repos)
2011-01-09 Michael Rashwording fix for the fwsnort-1.5 ChangeLog fwsnort-1.5
2011-01-09 Michael Rashbumped software version to 1.5
2011-01-03 Michael Rashminor date update
2011-01-03 Michael Rashbumped version to: 1.5-pre5
2011-01-03 Michael Rashcopyright date update
2011-01-03 Michael Rashadded UPGRADE section
2010-12-31 Michael Rashupdate to include information about the iptables-save...
2010-12-31 Michael Rashminor wording update to include ip6tables policies
2010-12-31 Michael Rashadded the ability to build ip6tables policies in ip6tab...
2010-12-31 Michael Rashminor update to include the GPL version number (v2...
2010-12-28 Michael Rashbumped to version 1.5-pre4
2010-12-26 Michael Rash- Added the --string-match-alg argument to allow the...
2010-12-24 Michael Rashbumped version to 1.5-pre3
2010-12-24 Michael Rash- Updated to the latest complete rule set from Emerging...
2010-12-24 Michael Rashupdated to default to pulling Snort rules from the...
2010-12-24 Michael Rashbug fix to make sure to add the 'COMMIT' and '# Complet...
2010-12-24 Michael Rashupdated to point to the correct Emerging Threats rule...
2010-12-23 Michael Rashbumped version to: 1.5-pre2
2010-12-23 Michael Rash- Added the --rules-url argument so that the URL for...
2010-12-23 Michael Rashbumped version to 1.5-pre1
2010-12-23 Michael Rashminor comments update
2010-12-23 Michael Rashmoved to instantiate the fwsnort iptables-save policy...
2010-12-14 Michael Rash- Updated to automatically check for the maximum length...
2010-12-14 Michael Rash- Updated the iptables capabilities testing routines...
2010-07-23 Michael RashMajor update to being moving to using the iptables...
2010-02-06 Michael Rashupdated GPL license string to mention GPLv2
2010-02-06 Michael Rashminor version fix (1.1)
2010-01-06 Michael Rashminor update Snort -> SNORT
2010-01-06 Michael Rashbumped version to 1.1
2010-01-06 Michael Rashadded a -6 example to the EXAMPLES section