descriptionfwsnort: Application Layer IDS/IPS with iptables
last changeSun, 9 Feb 2014 02:59:54 +0000
2014-02-09 Michael Rash(Paulo Bruck) Bug fix for --ulog-prefix option master
2014-02-02 Michael Rashchanges since 1.6.3 1.6.4
2014-02-02 Michael Rashadded note about 'cat' usage
2014-02-02 Michael Rashbumped version and copyright info
2014-02-02 Michael Rashbumped version to 1.6.4
2014-02-02 Michael Rashupdate to bundle the latest Emerging Threats rule set
2014-02-01 Michael RashBug fix for CVE-2014-0039
2014-01-24 Michael Rashminor README re-wording w.r.t. Snort signatures
2013-02-08 Michael RashAdded 'cat' and 'grep' commands
2013-02-08 Michael Rashbug fix for installation directory names, check_command...
2013-02-08 Michael Rashswitch iptables-restore exec() strategy...
2013-02-08 Michael Rashminor typo fix
2012-12-22 Michael Rashminor version string fix fwsnort-1.6.3
2012-12-22 Michael Rashremoved -pre1 from version string
2012-12-22 Michael RashChangeLog.git file update for changes from 1.6.2 -...
2012-12-22 Michael RashHOME_NET -> EXTERNAL_NET to OUTPUT chain
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