INSTALL_ROOT resolution bug fix (found by Kat)
[psad.git] / CREDITS
2012-06-12 Michael RashINSTALL_ROOT resolution bug fix (found by Kat)
2012-04-21 Michael Rashchangelog and credits update
2010-11-25 Michael Rash- Bug fix for ICMP packet handling where psad would...
2010-07-14 Michael Rash- Updated psad to issues whois lookups against IP addre...
2010-07-14 Michael Rash- Added ENABLE_WHOIS_FORCE_ASCII to replace any non...
2010-07-12 Michael Rash(Dan A. Dickey) Added the ability to use the "ip" comma...
2010-07-02 Michael Rash- Bug fix for Decode_Month() call in DShield processing...
2009-07-30 Michael Rashupdated to include Sourcefire trademark mention
2009-03-28 Michael Rash- (Franck Joncourt) Added --Override-config feature...
2009-03-24 Michael Rash- (Franck Joncourt) Submitted patches to fix stderr...
2009-02-21 Michael Rashadded Miroslav Grepl
2008-10-14 Michael Rash- Bug fix for local server ports not reported correctly...
2008-08-31 Michael RashApplied patch from Franck Joncourt to fix missing check...
2008-08-29 Michael Rashdash fixes from Franck
2008-08-27 Michael Rash- (Steve B) Submitted patch to fix a bug in the start...
2008-08-22 Michael Rashadded deps/ blurb for Franck
2008-07-24 Michael RashBugfix to honor the IPT_SYSLOG_FILE variable in --Analy...
2008-04-09 Michael Rashadded Andrew Kaplan
2008-03-22 Michael Rashanother entry for Albert
2008-03-18 Michael Rashpsad-2.1.2-pre3
2008-01-26 Michael RashAdded Erik Heidt
2008-01-11 Michael Rashadded locale C setting for LC_ALL variable
2008-01-05 Michael Rashminor fix to allow easier HTML page generation for...
2007-12-19 Michael Rashadded James Neff
2007-10-15 Michael Rashadded Christian Lyra
2007-09-07 Michael Rashadditions for pyllyukko
2007-06-29 Michael Rashupdate for pyllyukko
2007-05-26 Michael Rashupdates for Jeff S.
2007-04-28 Michael Rashmore additions for Jeff S.
2007-03-23 Michael Rashadded pyllyukko's psad.SlackBuild script
2007-03-03 Michael Rashmerged r1985:1997 from psad-2.0.5 branch
2007-02-05 Michael RashAdded Aki Tuomi
2007-01-17 Michael Rashadded Stefano Harding
2006-12-18 Michael Rashadditions for Albert
2006-12-16 Michael Rashchanged Unix::Syslog import style from use to require...
2006-12-12 Michael Rashadded Philip Lawrence for perl module path import fix
2006-12-09 Michael RashBugfix for syslog-ng config so that any custom source...
2006-12-09 Michael Rashmore stuff for Albert
2006-11-27 Michael Rashmore stuff for Albert
2006-10-15 Michael RashAdded the ability to disabled auto-blocking emails
2006-09-11 Michael Rashadded Jeroen Vermeulen
2006-09-10 Michael Rashminor re-ordering
2006-09-03 Michael Rashupdates for Albert and for Mate W.
2006-01-07 Michael Rash-O suggestion from Blair
2005-12-31 Michael RashAdded SiO
2005-11-23 Michael Rashimplemented the ability to assign danger levels based...
2005-09-25 Michael Rash.
2005-08-21 Michael Rashmore stuff for Albert
2005-07-25 Michael Rash.
2005-07-13 Michael Rashbugfix for syslog() message generation when block rule...
2005-06-19 Michael Rashadded Alex Luna
2005-06-18 Michael RashAdded Nathan Colt
2005-06-16 Michael Rashadded README.SYSLOG
2005-06-16 Michael RashAdded Sam Weiss, most stuff for Albert
2005-03-23 Michael Rashmore stuff for Albert
2005-03-12 Michael Rashadded Nerijus Baliuna
2005-03-09 Michael Rashadded Troy Swaine
2005-02-21 Michael Rashadded Blair Zajac
2005-01-29 Michael Rashadded Michael Hadjimichael
2004-12-19 Michael Rashadded Nerijus Baliuna, re-worked format
2004-11-26 Michael Rashadded Michael S. Zick
2004-10-18 Michael Rashmore stuff for Peter A., added Yuen Boon Lee
2004-09-27 Michael Rashadded James Lay
2004-09-25 Michael Rashadded Peter Abraham
2004-09-25 Michael Rashadded Lucas
2004-09-09 Michael Rashadded David Jacobs
2004-09-08 Michael RashAdded Stefan
2004-09-07 Michael Rashadded Mate Wierdl
2004-08-21 Michael Rashadded Joshua Jensen
2004-06-24 Michael Rashadded Stefan Rydberg
2004-06-22 Michael Rashadded Debian build reference for Daniel Gubser
2004-06-11 Michael Rashadded Richard K. Szabo
2004-06-02 Michael Rashadded stuff for Albert
2003-12-28 Michael Rash24 hour dshield alerting interval
2003-12-28 Michael Rashadded bugfix for Albert
2003-12-15 Michael Rashadded re-import suggestion from Albert
2003-12-12 Michael Rashadded MIN_ARCHIVE_DANGER_LEVEL comment for Jeffery S.
2003-11-15 Michael Rashmore stuff for Albert
2003-11-04 Michael Rashmore stuff for Dennis Freise
2003-10-27 Michael Rashadded Dennis Freise
2003-10-21 Michael Rashadded Zenon P.
2003-10-17 Michael Rashadded Bryan and Lenny
2003-10-13 Michael Rashadded Kenneth Grande
2003-10-06 Michael Rashupdated ChangeLog to include most of 1.2.4 features
2003-09-27 Michael Rashadded S. Divjak and M. Kruissen
2003-09-01 Michael Rashadded Ruben V.
2003-08-10 Michael Rashmore stuff for Alert
2003-08-10 Michael Rashadded more stuff for Jeff L.
2003-08-09 Michael RashAdded Jeff Lunglhofer
2003-07-12 Michael Rashadded Sebastian Mastropiero, added more fixes from...
2003-07-08 Michael Rashadded Ciapato Manfredi and Ben Alcala
2003-06-14 Michael Rashadded david krider
2003-04-26 Michael Rashminor spelling correction
2003-04-26 Michael Rashadded Albert Whale
2003-04-13 Michael Rashadded James N. Winner
2003-04-06 Michael RashAdded Amelia Lewis
2003-02-15 Michael Rashadded Nick Temple
2003-01-10 Michael Rashadded Daniel Gubser
2002-11-28 Michael Rashadded Leif Westlye
2002-11-11 Michael Rashupdated Ugo Viti