bug fix to expand INSTALL_ROOT variable from psad.conf
[psad.git] / psadwatchd.c
2012-04-19 Michael Rashbug fix to expand INSTALL_ROOT variable from psad.conf
2011-06-17 Michael RashRemoved "$Id$" tags (meaningless for git)
2009-04-01 Michael Rash(Franck Joncourt) finished off the --Override-config...
2009-03-28 Michael Rash- (Franck Joncourt) Added --Override-config feature...
2008-01-25 Michael Rash- Added a new feature whereby psad can acquire iptables...
2007-11-23 Michael Rashbugfix to generate syslog message when restarting a...
2007-05-23 Michael Rashbugfix for kmsgsdCmd variable name
2007-03-27 Michael Rashcopyright date update
2007-02-14 Michael Rashminor update to deleted old config file references
2007-02-14 Michael Rashmajor consolidation so that there is only one config...
2007-02-13 Michael Rashadded safe_malloc() to always perform NULL check on...
2007-01-27 Michael Rashstrlen() fixes (need +1 for ending NULL)
2007-01-27 Michael Rashboundary condition fixes, some caught by valgrind
2006-12-27 Michael Rash- Added the ability to recursively resolve embedded...
2006-12-09 Michael Rashupdated psadwatchd to parse EMAIL_ADDRESSES out of...
2006-11-09 Michael Rash- Added has_sub_var() and expand_sub_var_value() to...
2006-05-02 Michael Rashminor copyright date updates
2005-06-14 Michael Rashadded ulogd data collection mode
2005-05-29 Michael Rashbugfix for segfault if pid file does not exist
2005-03-12 Michael Rashadded the ability to turn off email alerts with ALERTIN...
2005-03-08 Michael Rashminor mail prefix update
2004-09-10 Michael Rashminor message prefix changes
2004-09-03 Michael Rashremoved unnecessary Version strings
2004-08-21 Michael Rashupdated logging prefixes
2004-07-12 Michael Rashupdated die() and exit() prefixes to [*]
2004-06-21 Michael Rashincremented version
2003-12-20 Michael Rashincremented version to 1.3.1
2003-11-30 Michael Rashincremented version
2003-11-22 Michael Rashupdated all debugging statements to point to stderr
2003-10-27 Michael Rashupdated HUP syslog message
2003-10-15 Michael Rashincremented version to 1.2.4
2003-10-14 Michael Rashremoved diskmond
2003-09-23 Michael Rashremoved DEBUG mode
2003-09-23 Michael Rashremoved duplicate code for restarting binaries
2003-09-13 Michael Rashincremented version number
2003-09-01 Michael Rashadded call to incr_syscall_ctr()
2003-08-24 Michael Rashinremented version to 1.2.2
2003-08-20 Michael Rashcompletely reworked how psad, diskmond, and psadwatchd...
2003-07-12 Michael Rashversion 1.2
2003-06-19 Michael Rashincremented version number to 1.2
2003-06-19 Michael Rashchanged all cipherdyne.com references to cipherdyne.org
2003-05-30 Michael Rashadded slogr() call when a HUP signal is received
2003-05-30 Michael Rashadded SIGHUP handler for config re-imports
2003-05-29 Michael Rashupdated to separate config files for each daemon
2003-05-10 Michael Rashadded email alerts
2003-05-10 Michael Rashreplaced system() with exec_binary()
2003-04-26 Michael Rash ** 1.1.1 bugfix release
2003-04-20 Michael Rash** 1.1 release **
2003-04-13 Michael Rashupdated to just Michael Rash instead of Michael B....
2003-04-08 Michael Rashupdated to use strlcpy() and strlcat(), removed +1...
2003-02-27 Michael Rash *** 1.0 release ***
2003-02-23 Michael Rashstandardized on ** and .. for error and normal operatio...
2003-02-15 Michael Rashupdated version number to 1.0.0-pre5
2003-01-07 Michael Rashminor fix, removed debug statement
2003-01-05 Michael Rashcomment and variable fixes
2003-01-05 Michael Rashminor comment fixes
2003-01-05 Michael Rashcleaned up code a bit, removed local check_import_config()
2002-11-26 Michael Rash1.0.0-pre4 release
2002-11-26 Michael Rashadded check_import_config()
2002-11-25 Michael Rashupdated version strings
2002-11-25 Michael Rashadded the hostname to email alerts for psadwatchd
2002-11-24 Michael Rashremoved DEBUG #define
2002-11-24 Michael Rashinterim commit... sending emails from psadwatchd works now
2002-11-24 Michael RashThe C version of psadwatchd is almost finished
2002-11-23 Michael Rashchanged _perl to .pl files
2002-11-23 Michael Rashadd psadwatchd.c