2011-08-01 Michael RashRemoved Net::IPv4Addr module for NetAddr:IP replacement
2011-07-30 Michael RashAdded code to separate ipv4 vs. ipv6 p0f attempts
2011-07-27 Michael RashRenamed ChangeLog -> ChangeLog.old
2011-07-27 Michael RashUpdated to the latest p0f signatures from OpenBSD
2011-07-27 Michael RashBug fix for scan sources reported as destinations
2011-07-27 Michael RashAdded 'udplite' as a supported protocol
2011-07-26 Michael RashAdded the ENABLE_IPV6_DETECTION variable
2011-07-26 Michael RashMake ENABLE_* vars accept case-insensitive values
2011-07-26 Michael RashBug fix for ICMP time exceeded packets for TCP
2011-07-26 Michael RashAdded call to get_connected_subnets() in -A mode.
2011-07-26 Michael RashBugfix introduced by edc028d46d83cd3f6952e0dde99ebd7313...
2011-07-26 Michael RashMinor wording update for syslog messages parsing
2011-07-26 Michael RashMinor update Netfilter -> iptables wording
2011-07-25 Michael RashMinor change to rework global protocol counters
2011-07-24 Michael RashMinor filehandle warning bug fix.
2011-07-23 Michael RashMinor update in filehandle usage for mail messages
2011-07-23 Michael RashImplemented parsing support for IPv6 via ip6tables
2011-07-13 Michael RashMoved running as root check into is_root()
2011-07-13 Michael RashMinor copyright update
2011-07-13 Michael RashMinor variable initialization update
2011-06-17 Michael RashRemoved "$Id$" tags (meaningless for git)
2010-12-29 Michael Rashminor comment bug fix
2010-11-25 Michael Rashbumped version to 2.1.8-pre2
2010-11-25 Michael Rash- Altered the 'ET MALWARE Bundleware Spyware CHM Downlo...
2010-11-25 Michael Rash- Bug fix for ICMP packet handling where psad would...
2010-08-07 Michael Rashbumped version to 2.1.8-pre1
2010-08-07 Michael Rashminor date update
2010-08-07 Michael Rashchanged all instances of 'href' to 'hr'
2010-07-28 Michael Rashupdated to whois-5.0.6
2010-07-28 Michael Rashupdated to whois-5.0.6
2010-07-15 Michael RashChanged all '_aref' instances to '_ar'
2010-07-14 Michael Rashminor typo fix
2010-07-14 Michael Rashminor whois comment update
2010-07-14 Michael Rashpsad-2.1.7 release
2010-07-14 Michael Rash- Updated psad to issues whois lookups against IP addre...
2010-07-14 Michael Rash- Added ENABLE_WHOIS_FORCE_ASCII to replace any non...
2010-07-12 Michael Rashbumped version to 2.1.7-pre1
2010-07-12 Michael Rash(Dan A. Dickey) Added the ability to use the "ip" comma...
2010-07-09 Michael Rashupdated RPM spec files for the 2.1.6 release
2010-07-09 Michael Rashpsad-2.1.6 release date
2010-07-09 Michael Rashadded ChangeLog detail to the Decode_Month() bug (speci...
2010-07-08 Michael Rashminor bug fix in legacy code to reference the selected...
2010-07-08 Michael Rashbumped version to 2.1.6
2010-07-08 Michael Rashminor ChangeLog update
2010-07-02 Michael Rashtagged psad-2.1.6-pre4
2010-07-02 Michael Rash- Bug fix for Decode_Month() call in DShield processing...
2010-02-02 Michael Rashapplied man page spelling fix from Franck
2010-02-02 Michael Rashminor spaces fix
2009-12-23 Michael Rashminor copyright update
2009-12-02 Michael Rashminor formatting fix
2009-11-14 Michael Rashminor wording fix
2009-11-14 Michael Rashminor wording fix (found by Simon)
2009-09-05 Michael Rashminor usage() dashes fix
2009-09-05 Michael RashFor all RPM's built on the local system (Ubuntu for...
2009-09-05 Michael RashFor all RPM's built on the local system (Ubuntu for...
2009-09-03 Michael Rashapplied update patch to the psad.SlackBuild file from...
2009-07-30 Michael Rashupdated to include Sourcefire trademark mention
2009-07-30 Michael Rash(Franc Joncourt) Found psad man page section errors...
2009-04-01 Michael Rashbumped version to 2.1.6-pre3
2009-04-01 Michael Rash(Franck Joncourt) finished off the --Override-config...
2009-03-28 Michael Rashbumped version to 2.1.6-pre2
2009-03-28 Michael Rash- (Franck Joncourt) Added --Override-config feature...
2009-03-24 Michael Rashbumped version to 2.1.6-pre1
2009-03-24 Michael Rash- (Franck Joncourt) Submitted patches to fix stderr...
2009-03-22 Michael Rashminor quoting update for mail command execution
2009-02-21 Michael Rashadded Miroslav Grepl
2009-02-21 Michael Rashpsad-2.1.5 release
2009-02-21 Michael Rash- Updated IPTables::Parse to 0.7.
2009-02-21 Michael Rash- Bug fix when ENABLE_SYSLOG_FILE is enabled to run...
2009-02-21 Michael Rashminor wording update for SELinux policy path
2009-01-24 Michael Rash(Miroslav Grepl) Contributed policy file to make psad...
2009-01-24 Michael Rashupdated man page to remove confusing tab chars in syslo...
2008-10-26 Michael Rashminor comment update to psad.conf
2008-10-14 Michael Rashversion 2.1.5-pre3
2008-10-14 Michael Rash- Bug fix for local server ports not reported correctly...
2008-08-31 Michael Rashadded check for the 'auto' directory in order to import...
2008-08-31 Michael RashApplied patch from Franck Joncourt to fix missing check...
2008-08-29 Michael Rashbumped version to 2.1.5-pre2
2008-08-29 Michael Rashdash fixes from Franck
2008-08-29 Michael Rashdash fixes from Franck
2008-08-29 Michael Rashadded fwcheck_psad.8 file
2008-08-27 Michael Rashbumped version to 2.1.5-pre1
2008-08-27 Michael Rash- (Steve B) Submitted patch to fix a bug in the start...
2008-08-27 Michael Rashapplied 'auto' heuristic from the fwknop project for...
2008-08-22 Michael Rashadded deps/ blurb for Franck
2008-08-22 Michael Rashupdated 2.1.4 release date
2008-08-22 Michael Rashversion 2.1.4
2008-08-22 Michael Rashupdated RPM release date
2008-08-22 Michael Rashadded --no-deps support
2008-08-16 Michael Rashadded blurb to ChangeLog about switching to the emergin...
2008-08-16 Michael Rashadded list of dependencies to README
2008-08-16 Michael Rashbumped version to 2.1.4-pre4
2008-08-16 Michael Rashremoved old 'use lib' editing statement from the RPM
2008-08-15 Michael Rashmoved snort_rules/ to the deps/ directory, updated...
2008-08-15 Michael Rashmoved snort_rules/ to the deps/ directory
2008-08-15 Michael Rashreplaced bleeding-all.rules with emerging-all.rules...
2008-08-15 Michael Rashupdated to include dependencies (suggested by Franck...
2008-08-04 Michael Rashversion 2.1.4-pre3
2008-08-04 Michael Rashmentioned the whois dependency fix
2008-08-04 Michael Rashremoved whois dependency