Michael Rash, Security Researcher

Software Release - fwknop-0.5.0

The 0.5.0 release of fwknop is ready for download. Here is an excerpt from the ChangeLog:
  • Added ALERTING_METHOD to allow syslog and/or email reporting to be disabled (there is a dedicated file /etc/fwknop/alert.conf that governs this behavior, and both fwknop and knopwatchd reference this file).
  • Bugfix for distinguishing OPT field associated with --log-tcp-options vs. --log-ip-options.
  • Added install_perl_module() from psad to provide a consistent installation interface.
  • Applied patch to only install perl modules that are not already installed (Blair Zajac).
  • Added --last-cmd option to allow fwknop to be executed with command line arguments from the previous execution (they are saved in ~/
  • Added --Home-dir option to allow the home directory to be manually specified.
  • Re-worked get_homedir() to be more friendly to systems that do not necessarily have /etc/passwd (e.g. OS X).
  • Added configuration preservation and querying for which syslog daemon is running to These features were adapted from the psad installer (