Michael Rash, Security Researcher

Single Packet Authorization Site,

Single Packet Authorization Site, Sebastien Jeanquier, who wrote his Master's Thesis about port knocking and Single Packet Authorization, has started a security site and blog at This thesis was the first to make a strong academic argument for why neither port knocking or SPA suffer from the age-old "security through obscurity" problem, and made several suggestions for the improvement of the fwknop implementation of SPA. An introductory post on the new site states:

Security is time-consuming, and it deals heavily with hidden threats. Due to this demanding and unknown nature, many people commonly do one of two things. They either try to forget all about it, or they make the wrong choices.

I've created this site out of my passion for security and, being a long time Mac user, applying the two together feels only natural with the growing number of Mac users, and an ever-greater demand for security.

Sebastien was instrumental in helping to port fwknop to Mac OS X, and hopefully his new site will drive the adoption of SPA technology for Mac users. Be sure to check out his post on Securing Leopard, and Digg it if you like!