Michael Rash, Security Researcher

Joined Twitter

Joined Twitter Sean Wilkerson convinced me to join Twitter as a way to help increase the exposure that the Cipherdyne projects have on the Internet, and also to interact more with peers in the security community. After having used Twitter now for a couple of weeks, I can see some benefit in its ability to rapidly broadcast updates (140 characters at a time) and to make it easy to see what others are working on (subject to what they choose to reveal of course). Further, it seems plausible that Twitter's flexibility and speed would make it easier to acquire answers to questions than trying to contact people directly via email. Sean also had mentioned that after a recent talk he gave at DojoSec (hopefully video of it will be posted soon) he noticed that people are using Twitter during security talks as a way to organize the audience around the topic at hand. This provides a way for the audience to converge on challenging questions and bring participation to a higher level. Finally, as a measure of its success, it might be worth noting that Twitter has also been in the news recently as a mechanism for organizing a revolution in the former-Soviet republic of Moldova.