Michael Rash, Security Researcher

Software Release - fwsnort-0.8.0

The 0.8.0 release of fwsnort is ready for download. Here is an excerpt from the ChangeLog:
  • Completely re-structured fwsnort w.r.t. how it creates Netfilter chains. There are no longer any per-interface chains (this greatly simplifies the Netfilter chains).
  • Added three new chains "FWSNORT_INPUT_ESTAB", "FWSNORT_OUTPUT_ESTAB" and "FWSNORT_FORWARD_ESTAB" to which tcp connections in the ESTABLISHED state are jumped. This allows fwsnort to use the Netfilter tcp connection tracking mechanism to ignore Stick and Snot style attacks (similar to the flow:established Snort rule option).
  • Added true variable resolution (i.e. HTTP_SERVERS -> HOME_NET -> any) for the Snort rule header. This directly emulates the behavior of the Snort IDS.
  • Added IP protocol support in the translation of the Snort rule header. The Snort rule translation rate is now at about 53% for Snort-2.3.
  • Bugfix for ipopts Snort option (several arguments are not supported by the ipv4options extension).
  • Better tests for Netfiler TTL, TOS, and ipv4options matches.
  • Replaced IGNORE_IP and IGNORE_NET keywords with single IGNORE_ADDR keywork in fwsnort.conf.