Michael Rash, Security Researcher

Software Release - psad-1.4.2

The 1.4.2 release of psad is ready for download. Here is an excerpt from the ChangeLog:
  • Dependency bugfixes for mail binary.
  • Bugfix for various IGNORE_* keywords not being honored.
  • Bugfix for not timing out blocked IP addresses from a previous run.
  • Updated to version 0.2 of the IPTables::ChainMgr module.
  • Updated to not truncate the fwdata file upon psad startup.
  • Added --fw-dump which produces a sanitized (i.e. no IP addresses) version of the local Netfilter policy. Also added --fw-include-ips to (optionally) not sanitize IPs/nets. Note that the and IPs/nets are not sanitized since they give no useful information about specific IPs/nets.
  • Added ulogd data collection mode.
  • Bugfix for FW_MSG_SEARCH default (at least "DROP" is included now even if FW_SEARCH_ALL is set to "N").